Birger Lindberg Møller

Professor, University of Copenhagen: Prof. Møller is highly decorated professor and director at the Center for Synthetic Biology at the University of Copenhagen. With over 277 publications and +8130 citations Prof. Møller is one of the most recognized scientists in the fields of synthetic biology and biochemistry. Prof. Møller holds several patents and has a strong industrial background including most recently being the Director of Carlsberg Laboratory from 2014-2015. 

Poul Erik.jpeg

Poul Erik Jensen

Professor, University of Copenhagen. Prof. Jensen is head of the Section for Molecular Plant Biology at the University of Copenhagen, and is the head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre where he leads research within photosynthesis and synthetic biology. He is leader of the Plant Power project focused on photosynthetic of high value compounds.


Irini Pateraki

Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen. Dr. Pateraki has a strong background in plant pathway discovery and plant metabolite biosynthesis in heterologous hosts. She has published several high-impact papers within these fields and most recently co-authored a paper on expanding plant compound diversity by combinatorial biochemistry. 

Sotirios Kampranis

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen. Dr. Kampranis has many years of experience in synthetic biology and the production of high-value compounds in yeast. He has developed a plug-and-play platform for yeast that allows an easy and adjustable platform for synthetic production in yeast. 

Per FaLholt

Mr. Falholt was previously executive vice president (EVP) of Novozymes A/S and currently chairman of the board of DTU and consultant at Novozymes A/S. Mr. Falholt has over 15 years of executive experience in Novozymes A/S where he served as the EVP for research and development. Mr. Farholt is one the most experienced professionals within biotech R&D in Denmark and will provide significant value to our board of advisors


BJoern Hamberger

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan. Dr. Hamberger is Assistant Professor at Michigan University, where he focuses on the discovery of plant pathways for bioactive diterpenoids found in medicinal plant species. He is an expert in the engineering of biotechnological chassis systems for biosustainable production.